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Specialized Property Group is a dynamic expansive real estate investment company focusing primarily on multifamily buy and hold assets. Privately owned, currently SPG owns $25M in real estate assets and is continuously striving to grow and scale effectively. In addition to the buy and hold strategy, SPG has built multiple other arms onto its business structure including a rehab and development team, whose main mission is to continue to provide and build safe housing for the communities invested in.

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Strengthening Our Portfolio 

Our approach is deeply grounded with a responsibility to ensure that we are the utmost careful stewards of investor and partner capital. We have continued to implement initiatives structured to strengthen our company's design and increase resilience.


Stemming from our Founder Ryan Corcoran, SPG is committed to extreme accountability and excellence and as a result we find ourselves among one of the top real estate investment companies in New England with plans to continue to expand across the country and ultimately globally. The ultimate goal here at SPG, which is undoubtedly ingrained in all employee’s and partners, is to procure nothing shy of best in class real estate investment. In doing so, we are committed to ensuring best in class relationship building and professionalism across all divisions within the companies.


SPG has provided wealth-generating opportunities to partners through commercial multifamily real estate development as well as fix and flip opportunities across New England. Our typical returns are phenomenal due to the extreme resilience and direct-to-seller marketing we implement on a day to day basis to ensure our opportunities are top notch value add. Bolstered by a growing reputation in the real estate industry, SPG equips partners with the tools they need to not only create passive income, but also learn the ropes of the investment through our education platform as deals progress through the phases from sourcing, acquiring, rehabbing, stabilization and ongoing management and finally, the exit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties do you specialize in?

We have accomplished incredible results with our multifamily and single-family investments. Recently, our founder has even gotten into commercial properties with a new restaurant franchise he is opening. 

What types of investment opportunities are available?

We generate a multitude of investment deals and opportunities for investors ranging from buy-and-hold, debt partnerships, and syndication deals. Just reach out and have a conversation with us!

What makes SPG unique?

This company is unlike other real estate investors because we have created a network of vendors, contractors, and in-house employees. This allows us to finish products faster, more efficiently, all while saving more money that hiring all of the work out. Plain and simple, our investment deals generate more revenue than your average investment company. 

How Do I Start Investing?

Anyone telling you to pay them without contacting them is suspect at best. Here at SPG, we prefer new investors to contact us, whether through email or the phone. That way, we can get acquainted, hear your goals, and answer the million questions YOU SHOULD HAVE before you invest. 

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